ZORROV-V Openrov ROV Derivative


hello my friends Im pleased to show my new build , ZORROV-V, Series, similar to ZORROV-IV ,but a compact design, im happy whit three thruster configuration ,the Openrov 2.8 control board, can handle very well the Rov ,very fast and easy to maneuver, the chassis is 1/2 inch HDPE on black and sand color ,all wires is hide in the vertical thruster case ,syntactic foam for balance and buoyancy,three T100 thrusters , to replace the battery, pull the pod to the left and remove the cap, 3/16 thick acrylic tube, machine acrylic end cap, two cube lights, Po camera -HD , video coming soon,Thanks


Excellent work Jimmy! Very professional looking.


@jimmy Impressed as always you constantly make attractive, stylish machines with a real eye for details (the feet are even bull nose routed)


Very Nice! I like how compact it is.


video test


Hi TCIII, much appreciated,Thanks,


Thank you, Scott_W, and Jim-Scholz yes the frame a feet are made with a hand router,used a withe template show in one of the pictures, also compact to fit in backpack, much appreciate for the massage thanks.