Hey Guy’s another Mod ,derivative, this made of 2.6 board, machine end caps , StarBoard® HDPE for frame,3 blue thrusters, new IMU whit a 2 super brights External light cube , is capable to add payload ,also can upgrade to 2.8 board,video coming soon , thanks.

Will it work in a big river?
Dual Vertical Thrusters

This is so fantastic!

Light cubes in action, @Brian_Grau!


Yay for light cubes in the field!

They were definitely needed in the murky waters of this expedition with ZORROV-IV.



Hi Jimmy,
A very nice custom ROV chassis similar to the hybrid ROV that I am presently building using the BR T100 Thrusters, 4 in diameter WTC and BlueROV1 chassis.
Since the BR Thrusters can draw up to 13 amps each compared to the OpenROV brushless motors, what value have you set the Thrust Factor parameter to so as not to overload the OpenROV 2.8 Controller Thruster power bus?
I am figuring that the Thrust Factor must be under 4 to prevent an overload of the Controller Thruster power bus?
I am powering the OpenROV 2.8 Controller with two 9.6 vdc 4500 mah NMHi batteries, one on each power bus.


Hi TClll, sorry for late respond , the thrust factor I set for ZORROV_IV normally is “3” because l require low speed for exploration,some times I use “4” for short bursts or when move from site to another, I was used a 2.6 board with 18A ESCs, I didn’t find any issues ,now I have a 2.8 board installed with 12A ESCs work very good.


Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for the informative response, much appreciated.
Your response has given me confidence that I can go up to a Thrust parameter of 4 as long as I do not push it too hard.