Zero to Maker is available!


As many of you know, I'd been working on a book based on my column for MAKE: about going from Zero to Maker. Basically, about how to get up to speed with the new digital fabrication tools and how to get a project, like OpenROV, off the ground. Well, it's finally out!

It's a book with lots of tips for new makers, as well as a fun history of OpenROV. If you're curious about either, I hope you check it out.

You can order it now from Amazon:



Just bought the kindle edition. Kudos and thanks!



Hi David - I finished reading your book over a week ago but got so wrapped up in the idea that I've been a Maker all of my life that I forget to say Thank You!

I told you in an email a few months ago that I wasn't a Maker - I would like to take that comment back. I thought that Makers spoke Arduino and Beagle Bone and pretty much looked and acted like Matthew Broderick did in War Games. I know now that some do and others don't. Some Makers look like 63 year old guys with grey beards who have always wondered how things worked. Makers take things apart and try to fix them or try to make them work better.

Thanks again for rekindling the spirit.

All the Best - Don


Thanks so much Don! That really means a great deal to me.

Yes, makers come in a whole host of flavors. The magic happens when everyone works together. It takes all of us.


War games, fantastic, I was always more partial to Real Genius and, of course, Nerds. Pretty much any hacker-techie movie from the 80's. Which is interesting if you think about it. Though I'm a bit older now and not in the 'know' in regards to current pop culture, I don't think we have a good set of maker-esque films from the last decade or so...We, as in the maker community, should change that. In any event,

Make and make often. Make the world you want and not the one you were given