Xbox 360 controller: no deadzones and laggy response


Hi, my OpenROV 2.8 works fine using keyboard controls, but the xbox controls are very laggy (delayed response) and the motors are constantly spinning unless the sticks are perfectly centered. I’ve read references to stick dead zones on the forum, but there is no setting for it in rovpilot.js that I can find. Is anyone else having this problem? Do I have to use the logitech controller? Thank you.

EDIT: After further experimentation, I realized that the perceived delay is cause by the motors refusing to switch directions unless they receive the neutral signal first. The stick deadzone would fix this problem. I also found gamepad.js, but there’s no dead zone settings there either. Is there a dead-zone setting anywhere, or will I need to add it myself?


Found the deadzone settings. I was misled because there are two gamepad.js files. The first one I found (the wrong one) is located in cockpit->src->system-plugins->input controller.

The correct gamepad.js file containing the deadzone settings was located in: cockpit->src->static->js->libs