Xbox 360 controller issue


I just bought a MS Xbox 360 Wireless controller and adapter.

I have it connected to my laptop and it seems that I can turn lights up and down, I can move the camera up and down but the motor control seems to have a life of it's own and motors start by themselves but mostly the vertical.

refreshing the browser stops them.

I have no control over the motors and was thinking that I may have a bad controller but it's brand new. I tried the Google tester but it does not seem to find the controller.

Is there any other test that I can do,I am not a gamer so I can't test it that way.

or is there something that I am not doing correctly, I have updated the software to the latest.

I have tried two versions of Google Chrome.

PS: I had the ROV on a night dive in the pool tonight and all works great except the clarity of the neighbors pool was not the best but still a good test. This is going to work so much better when I get the new props, can't wait.

still waiting on confirmation of shipping from Cornwallmodelboats looks like after my orderon Sunday, I depleted the inventory, as they now show unavailable so it's possible that my order is partial filled. fingers crossed!!


Well I have made some progress:

The sticks were very very sensitive to any touch sending the motors full tilt in one direction or another,

after setting the dead zone to 0 in the diagnostic page it seems I have better control with the MS Xbox 360.

The right stick seems to control Vertical

The Left Stick controls the rear thrusters.

Y = Camera Up

B= Home

A= Down

D-Pad controls the Lights up and down.

The left stick will sometimes put both port & starboard in forward, other times only one will turn on, same with reverse. I do not seem to have good control yet and wanted to know if there is anything that I can do to correct this.

And can someone explain a little better how the the Dead Zone setting works in relation to the Xbox 360 or even the keyboard for that matter.

Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks. I have the ROV Sensitivity set to 2.

Will a wired Controller work any better or will it have the same issue.



I bougth a xbox 360 wireless controller, but doesn´t work, any advise?.

I used Crhome, windows 8.1, openrov 2,6.


mauricio from Chile


Hi Maurico

Sorry for the delay as I have been away for the past 4 day's.

As for the xbox 360 issue, I had returned the unit I bought at the time I started this post and have never got back to trying it again. The issue you are having could be a driver issue with win8.1, have you tried using Win7 to see if it works with that?

Here is alink to win8.1 compatability and at the bottom you will see comments on issues and resolutions: