Would the Trident app run on an android image on Raspberry Pi 3?


I’m looking to better my setup with minimum number of cords/devices. I use my Glyph headset physically connected to a Sony tablet but since the tablet outputs MHL (and the Glyph HDMI input doesn’t support MHL) I need a powered adapter and that means a powerbank and another cord.

In my mind the best thing would be a small battery powered android unit I could keep in my pocket with an HDMI cable to the headset, bluetooth to a gamepad and wifi to the topside wifi-unit…

Like the official controller without the gamepad and screen.

I was looking around for a small and cheap android unit with HDMI output and saw that there is an android image you can install on Raspberry Pi. Although not officially supported it seems to work pretty well.
I was wondering if the team had tried it?

Is the “offical” Trident controller output HDMI or MHL? Just in case I need to give up my search…


Could you clarify “seems to work pretty well?”

o Just Android on the RPi3 working well, or the Trident app on the Android/RPi3?

o Did it display on your Glyph fine?

o I installed following the https://howtoraspberrypi.com/install-android-raspberry-pi/ instructions and noticed the following:
- Did you run the script to install the Google Play store?
- Did you get the Trident App from OpenROV as an apk that you installed on your Sony tablet and then on the Android/RPi3?
- Do you have problems with Bluetooth to your controller? Mine kept disconnecting. A USB connection to the DS4 seemed to work fine.

o How to power down the RPi3 from the Android GUI?


I think you misunderstood…
From what I read about the android image for raspberry, it seems to work pretty well.
I haven’t tried it yet.

So have you gotten it to work? Except for the bluetooth I mean?
The image has google play store as I understand it so I figured you’d just install it…