Working on my first build


So I've been lurking in the back ground of these forums for a while now and I figured it was time to bring my design ideas out there for ideas and criticism.

first idea is the PV and endcaps I've opted to use a .25" walled acryllic tube and custom milled 1.25" endcaps with two O-rings each.

second I want to have two sets of batteries onboard and the ability to switch between them over the tether. To accomplish this I plan on adding a second (smaller) PV with a sylex usb terminal server an arduino with relay board,, power supply and the topside adapter in it. This will also provide me with open USB ports for down cameras. I was hoping to tie the depth sensor into this arduino so I could attach the vehicle to a weight sled and get it on depth without wasting the main batteries.





It was late last night when I posted this so I forgot a few details that might be relevant.
The side panels in my design are UHMW-PE which should be slightly positively bouyant.

The grey cross pieces are 8020 t-slot aluminum.

The yellow bricks are syntactic foam (only there as place holders in case I need them)


This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it come together!



Also, we're going to be in at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire this coming weekend. Please stop by and say hi!


Nice design Troy ¡¡

Kind regards


Can some one provide me the measurement between the two end caps on a normal build. I’m trying to finalize my design so I can start production of the side panels


Can you clarify what measurement you mean?


from the inside face port to inside face starboard on the endcaps inside the pressure vessel


Ok I’ll be there Saturday when do you plan on being there? Should I bring one of my caps?


Should be around 162mm.



Ok based on my conversation with eric and david today at maker faire with david and eric I think my design is ready to start production that being said here are the "final" models of what I hope will be an awesome vehicle.




Looks SOOO cool! I’m especially excited after seeing how well done the endcap was done today in person. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


no more 3d models its starting to come together




Hi Troy:

Looks really nice.

Could you please provide any technical reference to the syntactic foam you are using ?

Thanks a lot.