Working hardware, but no video

Went out for a job today, and needed the ROV to inspect a pontoon.

My ROV was charged (serial 1b0af0a), and connected to topside unit.

I used my cel phone with the app version 1.7.11-Android-7plus to connect to the wifi.
After connecting the app, and clicking “ready to dive”, I arrived at the pilot screen. I was able to control the motors, and lights, but no video was received shown. It showed a black / blank screen.

When I tried to record, the record button showed at lit up, but the timer was not going up (time count remained at 0.00)

Attempted to connect with my JXD controller. App version on that is 1.7.11-android-5. Same issues, can connect, can control motors, no video came through.

When I attempt to record, I did get some files created in the Device\pilot video folder: (storage\emulated\0\Trident\Pilot). However the four created from today were each 56 bytes in size. The contents in those files was (everything in the quotes):

" ftypisom isomiso2avc1mp41 wide mdat "

Trident software version is 1.8.14(33ee7e) (latest at this time)

And yes, I’ve done the “reboot” of everything to attempt a few times with the same results.

What do I need to do to get video coming through again!

Thank you

Jeremy Macdonald

Pray it looks like. There seems to be very poor Communication in problems solving of OpenRov owners. That’s my experience anyway. Hope you get everything sorted

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Hi Jeremy,
i am having the same problem ! Did you receive any kind of support from Sofar/OpenRov ?


Yes,Turns out that I had an early model which missed an update; I had to set it to connect online and they did a software update remotely…


Okay that’s very good to hear, thanks !

@jerm.macdonald Good to hear it’s fixed. What did you have to do to “connect online?” Is there a mode on the Trident or Cockpit you have to enter? Is the LAN router firewall a problem? I’m curious how Sofar Support connects.

I contacted support. arranged a time to connect the trident to my wifi and ran the update function. They were able to ping the drone remotely and apply the patch needed.

Thanks for responding - it cleared up the questions I had about how Sofar Support was getting access through the router firewall.