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Looks Great Walt

I would love it to be in the experimental section of the OROV store (but realistically its not what I’m playing with currently but I know somewhere down the track I would be chasing something like this)

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You know I’m in, put me down for 2! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d also be keen to get one

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One here…

I’d like a couple @Walt_Holm

After a bit of a rush around the New Year and spending the past week up at OpenROV HQ, “The Beast” has reached IOC (Initial Operating Capability) as of 07JAN16. Special thanks to @Eric_Stackpole, @Walt_Holm, @Brian_Grau, @badevguru, and @Marius_Antares, who helped me out while continuing to work on Trident.

All 6 thrusters work, the new lights have been installed, and we have the horizontal strafing capability working via a new thruster configuration in the software. As far as I’m concerned, it’s ready to start going on deployments.


Oh wow, I am so sorry that I’ve been out of contact for so long. very impressive, and yes Walt, the experimental controller board is of great interest. More to come.

@Kevin_K, awesome, man.

@Kevin_K, just because I think I am in competition with you in building and operating a ROV of this type…and losing, LOL, here’s a shot of my near finished main pressure vessel for my new kit. That’s a Navio+ / RPi2 box with c920 webcam, part of an OpenROV kit for the 6 thruster, 4 vectored PVC monster, LOL.

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Wow and I thought I was the mad ROV scientist! That looks great, I’ll be excited to see how the rest of it comes together and what kind of a payload you can put on it.

Yes, Please offer this board in the Openrov-Store.

I also wonder, can I run the BlueRov-T100/200 thrusters on this board with the 6 AFRO-12 ESCs?
Are you working on saltwater-proofed thrusters, like the Blue-Rovs?


hye kelvin, how do you connect the extra battery tube? would you mind sharing your design and coding?

@Kevin_K I love the frame you have built for this and I’m considering doing something similar. I was wondering if you considered using OpenBeam? Compared to MakerBeam it seems that It would be a slightly more sturdy option given the thicker beams, but I have never worked with either so I’m thinking there could be other factors.
Also, do you take any special measures to avoid corrosion other than a post-dive fresh water hosing?


@kyril_acap The extra battery tubes were wired in parallel to each other on each side. For example, I have two battery tubes on the port side connection and two on the starboard. Walt Holm has warned me that a diode is usually required so you don’t reverse charge the packs, so wire these at your own risk. I have had no problems to date.

For the design, you will have to look through the previous 100 or so posts, taking a stock OpenROV control board, electronics tube, etc will work perfectly fine on your own frame. The frame design is up to you. Brian Adams did the coding and the 5/6 thruster configuration will be added into the “master” sometime as “thrusters2x1x2”.

@christianuhlenfeldt OpenBeam would be a perfectly good substitute. When I was designing and building the frame last year, OpenBeam was fairly new and there weren’t many brackets or precut extrusions in the sizes I needed so I went with the smaller MakerBeam. Works great and the frame is rock solid.

I’ve done 5 saltwater dives so far over the past few months and all I do is hose it off with freshwater afterwards. I haven’t noticed any corrosion and none of the bolts have loosened. I’m pretty happy with it. The only thing I might consider doing in the future is protecting the top float better so it doesn’t get nicked and scraped, but that’s it.

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@Kevin_K so are you still using db25 or upgraded version?

Thanks @Kevin_K, much appreciated! I’ll post some pics when I get started.

Brian Adams did the coding and the 5/6 thruster configuration will be added into the “master” sometime as “thrusters2x1x2”.

This sounds great! Any rough estimate on when we might see this @badevguru?


@kyril_acap Yes, I used the v2.7 DB25 to connect to the main board and I added 6 additional servo wires for extra additions, thrusters, lights, etc. You will need to double up the endcap to make room for the extra wires if you do this.

@christianuhlenfeldt Good luck! I definitely want to see the build!


When will this on be available in the store?


If you’re referring to the 6-ESC board I was playing with earlier, then the answer is: not anytime soon. We’ve got our hands full trying to get Trident out the door on time, plus working on some new modifications and accesories to the 2.8. I haven’t worked on the 6-ESC board at all this year.


This is awesome!
do these fit with the DST-700 motors? do you have an STL file that I could try and make them for my build?

I do. Let me dig them up and i’ll post a link to my github. If you don’t see something in a day or so, tag me again to remind me :slight_smile: