Wiring issue


Had everything but the thrusters working. Discovered that I had swapped a couple of the wires. Changed wiring to match the diagram on the female side of the plug now nothing. Does the diagram represent the female end of the plug? Or is it the male side of the plug. Which means I need to do a mirror image on the female side of the plug.




The connector wiring diagram is for the backside of the female connector that collects all the wires coming in from the endcap.


Hi Patrick and everyone:

Every DB-25 connector, whether it is male/female/plug/socket, will have small pin numbers molded into the plastic on the side where you solder wires to it. So don't worry about whether the diagram is a mirror image or not, just grab a magnifying glass and check the pin numbers on the connector itself, and make sure that your wiring matches the pin numbers shown on the diagram.