Wireless Gamepad and Tablet Control System


I just completed my build and wanted to share my method of control using a bluetooth gamepad (ipega 9023) that allows you to hold a tablet between the joysticks. Paired with the current wireless tether concept it creates a fairly compact and easy to use (my five year old has no problem) system. I needed to map some of the buttons in cloud9, and the instructions that came with the controller were awful, but other than that fairly painless. The wireless modem and topside box are mounted in a waterproof housing with a dual output 11200mah battery. The tether wires were epoxied in a solid conduit inside the box so if it were to fall in all should be alright. Overall it works as designed and importantly does away with the need for a laptop altogether.

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Ipad, ipega 9023 work?

Very nice!
I am trying to get a similar setup work with my iPad, but can not find any compatible joypads…
Also this one, Ipega, needs the iPad to be jailbroken…

I found a way to record the HUD view of the OpenRov on the iPad… there is an app which records the content of the browser…

I hope a solution for a pad will be there some time, because a setup like yours is very clean… long battery life and no need for laptop etc…



Here’s a photo with it up and running. I’ll probably go a bit bigger with the tablet, but could work great using a screen share if there is more than one person wanting to see (they can stream on their phone, etc. in realtime). As far as the video capture, I’m waiting on a new laser cut aluminum shell to make it a bit more “gopro friendly” with regard to stability. The frame rate and resolution of the onboard camera is good for looking around, but I think I’ll want a higher res solution in the end.


How do you connect the tablet to the ROV?
Wi-Fi router?
Are there good and smooth sensitivities on the controller?


Can you make a step by step instruction on how to set up this tablet control system?
I have a 10" android tablet and I would really like to use it with this Bluetooth controller.

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Have you ever tried a joystick rather than a gamepad? Just wondering about the control of the ROV, if it would be better, ‘easier’ more intuitive or not.


hi, what type of wireless modem you are using?


The IPEGA has two joysticks if I recall… I Guess you need two…one for horisontal directions and one for vertical?


I use the IPEGA, which you’re correct has two joysticks. I’ve programmed the right one to be the horizontal thrusters and have completely ignored the left hand one. I use the left “shoulder” buttons to control the vertical thruster (one up, one down). I found this the easiest way to control them simultaneously. I use the left buttons for camera and laser control, the right buttons for thruster speed settings (1-4, omitting setting 5) and the right shoulder buttons to toggle the lights. I use the IPEGA in “keyboard” mode, and I’ve found that programming the buttons to be very easy as a result. The outputs from the controller are static, and the variables are changed in cloud9. Works very well so far, no complaints.


Also, to answer the other question I use the TP-link 300Mbps Wireless N Nano Router. Extremely compact and very low battery consumption. I find the usable range to be about 5 metres from the controller, but that’s sealed in a water resistant box. Outside the box I would imagine the range would be greater.

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Can you make a setup overview over how to get everything up and running?
I’m planning on using a Android tablet…With Chrome app


@areweir, Would you be able to provide a quick overview on how exactly the setup works? Does the router have an extra power supply? How did you setup the router software wise? In the box, is it only the top box, nano router and power supply? Or did I miss something? Thanks for your help!


i tried the router part and its fairly simple. put a phone power bank and connect power (from Pwr bank) to both the router and top side adapter (you either need a usb splitter port or use 2 pwr bank for this), then connect the RJ cable from topside to router) and its done. go to your tablet/phone. search for that router wifi and connect. connect to cockpit using browser.(tested on chrome for android). as for bluetooth controller, i hadnt try yet since i dont have one…


Is it possible to run the IPEGA in game-pad-mod?
I have tried to get the cockpit to recognize the controller, but cant get it to do that…
Anyone have any ideas?

Also I find that the latency is running up and down all the time… any ideas ?
I am using a huawei android tablet.


I wasn’t able to use the IPEGA in gamepad mode, but I am also using an android tablet (so that may be part of the issue). If you use it in keyboard mode you can simply associate each button or joystick output in Cloud9 just as you would change the designations on a normal keyboard. Once I did this it hasn’t caused a bit of trouble and the nice thing is that I have changed all of the buttons to be more intuitive than the default gamepad associations. I had a little trouble with the latency issue as well, but if I remember correctly it was to do with the browser cache more than anything else. I’ll go through my notes to see if there was another solution to it, but I know I had to play around with the Chrome settings a bit to get it working perfectly without any lag. Don’t despair, it is possible and it does work really well when you get there.


Thanks alot for quick reply.

I am a quite noob to programming stuff… in keyboardmode…will cockpit recognize it then?
Can you show me how to set this up in the cloud9?