Wire feedthrough/bulkhead idea. Any feedback?


I’m thinking of a new wire feed through idea. Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m hoping this will hold at 150psi, and I’m trying for a 100% safety margin (300psi), for use in salt water.
My idea is to pass only bare copper wire through an epoxy plug in my bulkhead, to eliminate any seepage around the wire’s plastic coating. Sealing the water side wires, especially in salt water is a concern. I have a drawing, but can’t upload it yet, new user.

Picture a wire with about 1" of insulation stripped, through a 1/2 inch bulkhead epoxy plug. Before setting this, the water side of the wire has been epoxied around the end of the insulation facing the bulkhead, and the epoxy is actually set in the bulkhead epoxy (sealing the water side wire end from seepage).

Also, I just read on the 3M site that epoxy only to Aluminum can result in Aluminum oxide formation along the joint, when exposed to water. So proper prep, and a primer, on the Aluminum are the best for long term reliability.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


We have been made many penetrators like this using solid cooper wires passing thru a NPT pipe fittings or nipples, and potting it with epoxi or other hard resin. Need have a minimum 3/4" lenght inside the resign. No concerns about water migration between the cooper and wire isolation since you use solid wires.