Wings (planes)


My OpenROV dives down when going forward and climbs when going backward. Plus it has always been heavy due to metal props, a metal frame, different batteries, ect. I have used ping pong balls and PVC tubes to balance it out.

Eric is always talking about "flying" the ROV, so I decided to add wings (fins). I drew one up in Inventor and then printed two of them over the weekend. They are hollow so they help make my OpenROV neutral in water. I was able to remove the ping pong balls. Each one is 3.49 oz or 98.8 gm.

Now I need a servo that can work in water and I can move them up/down.

I have not had a chance to test it in the lake.

1278-finv1drawing.pdf (60.9 KB) 1279-finsprinting.jpg (111 KB) 1280-OpenROV_241_fins.jpg (184 KB)


Very cool and I hope it works / helps. I have the same problem with the ROV diving up and down. It's caused by the water being sucked or pushed through the vertical thruster port.

I wonder if attaching the wings towards the front would have a better effect? I see that you have holes in your ROV chassis so I imagine once you get into the lake you'll be moving the wings around to see where they work best.

I think the real way to prevent diving is move the port/starboard thrusters outside of the ROV frame so that water no longer travels through the vertical thruster port when driving.



Hi John, I'm new here and new to the whole ROV scene but planning on building, so I wonder, does anyone know the limitation of the GoPro cam re depth?


I believe it's197' you can go to their web site and look at the spec's


Wow, thanks, I will check it out.