Win an OpenROV kit by telling us what you'd explore with it!


Over the past few months, we've quietly been building a better way for OpenROVers to meet each other and share their adventures, dives and expeditions. It's called OpenExplorer.

Many of you have seen recent trips and dives that we've linked to here on the OpenROV blog. Now we want to hear from you! We're going to be GIVING AWAY 5 OpenROV KITS* to the expeditions that gather the most amount of followers on OpenExplorer over the coming month (ending 12pm PST on 9/19).

The key: you don't have to have everything figured out before you begin. Just get started!

We started OpenROV because we wanted to explore an underwater cave near our home. We didn't have any expensive equipment or a research grant, so we took a different route: sharing and collaborating with others who wanted to share the adventure. It worked! And it was a lot of fun!

This is a chance to bring the OpenROV community (both digitally and physically) along for your trip or dive. Here are some tips to gathering support for your expedition:

  • Invite friends to join you as "Collaborators" on the expedition (here's an example with 12 Collaborators on the expedition). The more people you involve, the bigger the reach of people you can share your updates with.
  • Do something awesome and interesting! This is obvious, I know, but make sure it's something people will be excited to follow along with. (For examples, see Darcy's enlightening depth testing adventure in British Columbia or Erika's dive in the Arctic.) Even, and especially, if all you want to do is add new features to the vehicle - that's a surefire community builder. It's also a great way to meet other OpenROVers in your area.
  • Post early and often! Don't worry about not having it all figured out when you start. (Example: Carsten has done an incredible job getting prepared - and everyone else interested - in his trip to Lake Malawi.)

Go ahead! Dive in at!

*Must be 18 years of age. Will ship to anywhere that FedEx delivers. OpenROV Kit will include IMU/Depth Sensor. Batteries, laptop, and gamepad controller not included.


Great way to encourage exploration


Really awesome. I have shared the post on g+ and Facebook. :slight_smile:


Awesome idea - the eventual plan with my OpenROV is to explore the wrecks of the German WW1 High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow, but I’m several years from planning that!


What a great way encourage collaborative learning and give back to the community. Eric and David, what you are doing with OpenROV and OpenExplorer is fantastic.


Perfect timing! We are in the middle of the preparation of our upcoming expeditions in the Caribbean which is going to be the beginning of our underwater survey. OpenExplorer is a great tool to share our experience and ideas with the community. The contest is a nice incentive as well. We should be able to get a lot of attention so if that can help you guys raising awareness, great! BTW, where can we see the total number of followers for each project?


A lot of people are trying to follow our expedition page but apparently they are experiencing some technical issues. Some of them did not receive the confirmation link when they tried to register, other have their registration pending for 24hrs and finally when they click on the follow button, the counter associated to our expedition won't change. We are trying to raise a lot of awareness about our expedition and the OpenROV project in general through this contest. Could you please take a look? Thanks!


Managed to find a lot of collaborators and people genuinely interested OpenROV here in Sydney. Amazing how much 'cool' factor draws people in. Now we only need to get our hands on an ROV to run the expedition. Hopefully this contest will help us do that!

Like Benoit, there were a couple of technical issues with the website when signing people up, but hopefully influxes of new followers will help iron out these little bugs.