Will it work in a big river?


Has anyone ever tried using it in a huge river? At depths up to 70 meters? Is the motor strong enough to hold its position with a fast current flowing against it and keep it from getting washed downstream?

I'm hoping to do some research on fish in deep pools of a large river and this sounds like an exciting tool. Appreciate any feedback people can share!



Hey Harmony,

Unfortunately, the ROV is pretty small and doesn't handle strong current very well. It might be possible to attach a line to the forward crossbar of the ROV and let it be sort of dragged through the water like a water skier, but we haven't done any experimentation with this yet.

It sounds like you're doing some pretty interesting stuff!



Have you done any work on modifying an OpenROV to cope with stronger currents? I’m prepping one to potentially do some work in the Northern GBR helping a phD student and we’ve encountered a similar issue of needing to deploy in higher current areas


There have been a few people that have built their own open frame ROV’s with upgraded thrusters based on the OpenROV hardware. These would perform better in stronger current’s.