Will a web cam operate with 3000 teather?


How far can you teather a web cam?


Back in the day we tried to use webcams on our first ROV for the MATE competition. We found that without a booster they would not extend past 15 feet and with a booster we could not get it to go past 30 feet (if my memory serves me correct). I would highly recommend against using a webcam straight tethered to a computer without some type of microprocessor in between.


Thanks for the info, as you can see I have no idea of what I am doing.
What would you suggest for length of 3000 feet? I could scale back the
length but do now want to do so. thanks steve


3000 feet is a little excessive for you first ROV. Just to give you an idea, the OpenROV has 100 meter tether (about 300 feet). This length is more than enough for most uses. Are you building an ROV from scratch or modifying an existing ROV?


building from scratch, and using it for water well exploration so very
small to fit down a well casing. steve


These forums are an excellent resource for building a custom ROV. Best of luck on the project and we would love to hear more about your build.


Looks like my goals are a bit ambitious, what is the best camera for
longest distance currently used operational and tested? thanks steve