Wiki and GitHub repositories clean-up


Over the last days a lot of work has been to polish the wikiand to make things cleaner and more organized also in the GitHub repositories.

Let's start with the Github repositories:

  • Now the master branch of the openrov-software repository contains the latest stable code of the OpenROV cockpit software. This is what will be copied to the SD sent with the kits. And looking at the future, the master branch will always contain "stable" code.
  • The same happened with the openrov-hardware repo: on master there are latest "stable" designs for the body of the ROV.
  • There is also a new repository, openrov-image, which contains the the scripts that make the image of the disk to be copied on the SD

The electronics repository at the moment is still not updated, as the development on the OpenROV cape has been done by an external company: but as soon as it's final, we'll move all schematics and Eagle files over there too.

Now going on the wiki, we cleaned up a lot of pages and updated them to reflect the current state of the project and also reorganized the contents to make it (hopefully) easier to find. A lot has been done, but here I'm just highlighting the main changes, and I leave it up to you to see all the updates that have been done to the wiki:

  • The assembly page has been split in multiple pages, one per step.
  • There is a new Archive page, that contains all the pages about previous versions of the project or procedures now made unnecessary thanks to automated scripts.
  • A deployment checklist has been added... for those who already have a running ROV.
  • The Software Architecture page has been updated to reflect the current state of the software.

Let us know what you think, and if you want to help refine the instructions and the documentation, please feel free to do so. If you are not already registered, send an email and a user will be created for you to start adding contents.


nice work, looks alot more tidy.

keep up the good work!


This looks awesome Simone!!