Wifi connection when the Trident unit is charging

I noticed that I can connect with my unit from the controller when the unit is plugged to the charger and not to the wifi-bouy. For example, I can see the video, use the engines and switch on the lights.

Is this normal?
If so, do you see any issue to leave the unit on charge while performing updates or downloading the videos?


Sounds interesting, but unlikely that you can connect to your Trident without the normal Trident WiFi from the topside WiFi unit!
Sure it is not the 720p 60 fps video on you controller you are watching?

I may try this out! Start and run motors and switching light off and on sounds spesial.

I tried this out and it is not Functioning with my Trident,
No possibility to get connect between controller and Trident without the Trident WiFi from topside unit.
Sometime in the future we will have an Internal Trident WiFi for payloads! Maybe you got that before the rest of the Pilots?

I don’t know… I’m just reporting what I experience… on my cockpit app i do not have any special option to control any payload via wifi so even If my unit is enabled I do not know how to use this option.

That’s very good !
Could you do some screenshots?
Do you have a WiFi analyzer App on your controller so you could check if you have Trident Internal WiFi up and running?

Yeah, that’s because your Trident is connected to your wireless network at home and you connect to the Trident via the network.

Been able to do that since I got my Trident about a year ago.