Why isn't the open rov shaped like a real sub?


i am curious about the shape, why isn't it shaped like a real sub?


There are a couple of reasons. Traditional submarines ( Like u-boats, nuclear subs, etc) have a much different purpose than ROVs. Traditional submarines (subs) are usually used for long distance work. This means that hydrodynamic efficiency is a primary design constraint. Because they have a long distance to go, the most efficient design saves fuel, which allows a longer travel distance. As well, the cylindrical shape has some properties which help with strength.

With a long cylindrical shape designed for speed and distance, manuverability takes a hit. ROVs are usually used to view or manipulate something, which requires a high degree of manuverability.


Jesse, fully agreed.


Beside everything explained by Jesse, there is also a dimensions problem.

The "ideal" undewater vehicle, has an ellipsoidal bow and a pseudo-parabolloidal stern section. Main proportion is 1/7, meaning that total lenght is seven times maximum beam.

A so shaped ROV, would have, quite big construction difficulties, that are not worth for a ROV normal use, beside a big amount of wasted volume and possitive flotation issues.

Anyway, hydrodynamics cannot be neglected, and Im with you in the sence that can be improved.

I must point that holding key qualities(simplicity, manouverability, versatility, low costs ...) while improving hydrodynamics, is not an easy matter.



I would think a sphere would be ideal. Fit it with a 360 degree camera at the top, use the middle for batteries and electronics and the bottom for buoyancy control.

Here you go: http://ee.lamar.edu/SphericalSub.jpg


maybe move the battery to the bottom of the ball? just cause its going to be heavy and keep it at the center of the ball makes it very unstable.


Good point. I have moved to a cylindrical design with no buoyancy control.