Why is my battery monitor wrong?


Why does my battery monitor on the OpenROV cockpit always show half full (half empty) somewhere between 8 & 9 volts? I’m using LiFePos.



Hello e4anday,

have you selected the correct battery type in the Settings of the cockpit?


Hi there
There isn’t a battery type setting. It allows for adding a new battery, which I have done, with min 8V Max 13V

I don’t really know what this should be set at, they are 3.2V LiFePo batteries.



After you update your software to 30.0.3 the default configuration for the batteries is the LiFePO4 setup which should make the indicator more meaningful. The range of 8V-13V is too large for this battery type which is why it is always showing half full. The range should be somewhere closer to 7V-10V.