Why do the endcaps need to be mirror images? Assembly guide 2.6


Why exactly is it important to have a mirror image of each end cap if only one side is going to be potted with wires? I accidentally flipped the right side larger 1.5mm circle and cemented it. So essentially I have made two left endcaps. The endcaps will still fit in the tube the flats just wont be clocked. I believe I can rotate the rightside endcap to have the flat in the right place.

I haven't glued the thick plate on the right endcap but will in the next couple of days.

452-20140603_2256261.jpg (2.05 MB)


I *think* you're OK, since it's the left endcap that's critical. As you say, the extra left endcap that you're going to install on the right side can just be rotated until the flat aligns. The through-hole will be in the wrong spot, but it just gets potted up anyway, with no wire penetrations.

That being said, I'd check fit everything a couple of times before you do the potting steps, to make sure it all works.