Why do my batteries in the port side keep heating up?


I finished the build of my Openrov 2.7 and it came down to testing if it works properly. I used C size batteries and plugged it in and it was lacking power and the beagle bone would start to work then malfunction. Then I looked down and realized that the battery tube had moisture in it and it was hot to the touch and when I picked up my rov to move it to the cool floor the entire acrylic tube had melted and 2 of the batteries had then exploded.

I wrote in and told the company of the issue and they told me it was because I had not bough the li-fe batteries. So I ordered them and waited 5 weeks for them to arrive and after I finished re building the battery tube. I just put them in and I didn’t receive any power anywhere and the port tube instantly started getting hot.

I need help to see where I had gone wrong.


Could it be a short circuit or perhaps the polarity may be reversed… May want to double check the battery tube connections to the wiring harness to make certain that you have the correct leads connected to the (+) and (-) terminals of the battery tubes. make the check


I just checked it over and the positive and negative wires are installed correctly. I powered it up just now and was able to get onto the open cockpit for the first time and look around and test out the propellers but then the port battery closest to the positive terminal heated up again and it shut off.
So I’m able to draw power to but not for long until it overheats. so I believe your right with the short circuit.
And I think that battery may have just been damaged in that short amount of time.


I believe it was the battery tube adapters for the li-fe batteries. I wasn’t getting a good connection thru it. The port side one was also very very hot to the touch. I adjusted the fuse on the inside of the adapter and then the rov worked properly.