Why are the motors not sealed?


I have been reading the build instructions and this forum for a couple weeks and am very ready order a kit.

If I am reading things correctly I think the motors are running directly in the water. Is this correct? Why? Every other design I have looked at uses some kind of sealed container.


Hi Ron

Many of us are looking at inexpensive solutions. I am currently experimenting with the vertical thruster sealed in mineral oil. I want to see how it works before posting.

Dave H


Hey Ron,

Even though the motors are technically exposed to the water, they are still able to run in water without issue. This is because they are brushless (so no exposed moving brushes to corrode) and because the wires that make up the coils have a protective coating over them. So although the motors are open they are still able to function in the water. Hope this helped : ).



Sorry but it still seems like a very poor idea to me to run the motor in open water. I’m going to run mine on saltwater and putting that motor in saltwater cannot do it any good. I can not imagine it can last more than a couple of cycles that way. This has turned me off from what I think is an otherwise great design. until I find a way to do it using some kind of sealed motors I’m going to put off getting one. I may do a complete mechanical build of my own design.