Why are battery pods not wired in parallel?


I was surprised to find 4 wires heading back from the battery pack to the controller board.

Q. Why are the battery packs not wired in parallel?

Q. Is there any harm in wiring them in parallel, running two wires back to the electronics tube, then splitting them in parallel to the 4 pins?


If the packs were wired in parallel, and you put in two sets of batteries that were in a different state of charge, or you put in one set backwards by accident, then you would have one set of batteries discharge into the other. This can be very bad for the batteries.




So you are saying that the 2.5 board has some automatic sensing. Will it flip the battery bias if they are installed backwards or just disable that battery?

The reason I'm asking is that here was a comment in a recent dev call that one set of batteries was being drained at a higher rate. However the severity of the problem was not stated.


Only one power group, if you want to add a power management module, but the charge and discharge bad deal with it? Like the latest trident battery pack with 2.8 do?