Why Arduino?



I want to know why You use arduino for reading data from sensors also controling the actuators ? why you do not use the beaglebone directly ?



Beaglebone and Arduino

Hi Salman,

Originally, the current series of OpenROV is targeted at Makers. It was important to remove as many barriers as possible. It turns out that today, almost any sensor that is available will have reference Arduino code available. We wanted to harness this and make it easy to test the sensor and then dump that same software in to the ROV.

Now that we have been running a while, we have also come to appreciate the difference between a dedicated predictable micro-controller loop and a general high power CPU. Things as simple as a PWM signal actually require very precise timing, something that a general purpose computer that is handling general interrupts can have a tough time providing. If the PRUs (dedicated micro-controllers on the beagelbone) had a rich Arduino like library to pull from, we could easily move from the AVR chip.


Thank you so much Brian.

So you have two reasons for using Arduino:

1- Availability of libraries

2- Arduino is more suitable to deal with PWM signal because it is very precise compare to beaglebone in term of timing !

Am I correct ?