Who's headed to New York?


Hello ROV-ers

I'm curious to see who will be making the trek to New York for the World Maker Faire in September. I will be in the city September 17-20 and would love to meet up with other OpenROV enthusiasts.

I do not (yet) have any actual experience with the ROV and have been familiarizing with the docs and materials in anticipation of getting my own unit. The concepts are not totally foreign to me and I would love to see an ROV in action and talk shop if that happens to materialize.

Get in touch here or via private message and we can make plans to meet. I'll buy the first round :)




We are! A few of us from the Berkeley will be making the trip. Are you planning to come to the faire?


That's fantastic David! Yes, I will definitely be attending the Faire and also Makercon.

I look forward to meeting you guys and checking out your booth and ROV setup.


I'll be heading to the MakerFaire also Charles! I'll be happy to meet up and talk about my experiences with the OpenROV.


Hey David,

One thing that I would find extremely beneficial, and perhaps others who want to extend the capabilities of the OpenROV, is to have a small workshop on interfacing to the OpenROV.

Things I'm thinking of are how read/write analog/digital and how to pass that information up to the Cockpit. Just going over the high level of where to find the documentation, and then demonstrating by reading an analog sensor and blinking an external LED with sample code would be awesome for those that are not experts.

I'd like to record and post it as well if we were able to do something like this.




That's a great idea! Sounds like there will be a few of us in NY, but I wonder if that should be a G+ Hangout workshop so we could involve more (and also record it for those who can't make it). I'm going to get Brian involved with this discussion.
See you in NYC!



Good morning Fellas

I second Mike's idea of putting together a little "and this is how you hack in other capabilities and sensors" tutorial.

Google + does sound beneficial for this exercise David.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in NY


I planning on coming down? Should I bring #241 since it is a little different with the motors on the outside and a metal frame. It would be nice to meet you guys.


Lets do it John! :) I would like to see your ROV. I'd show you mine but I'm still working on "acquiring" one ;)

help me with a follow at https://openexplorer.com/expedition/swimwithbluefintuna would ya? :)


I'll be at the NYC Maker Faire on Sunday, 9/21/2014, and I'll be in town for a few weeks after that. Looking forward to meeting other OpenROVers!