Who's got the 411 on OpenROV?


In response to a request a few months ago about where and whom are building ROVs, i'd like to pass on a few early stage photos of OpenROV #411 we are building out here at Robot Garden in the valley. Our laser cutter is a CO2 40W unit with a 20"x12" cutting area. So we needed to modify the v2.4 files. Using Rhinoceros, the painstaking process of selecting the parts and exporting them to a 20x12 layout was completed with some trouble since I had never used a laser cutter prior to taking on this build. Once I figured out the setup, I ran some tests using stock acrylic and cardboard.

After this, confident that the laser was set correctly, I started on the actual components. I have only the second half of the blue acrylic parts to complete, and assembly can begin. If anyone needs the 20x12 modified cutting files, let me know.

I'll post the next phase when completed!