Who are we?


Someone asked me recently, "So who are the type of people in the OpenROV community?"

The answer is pretty difficult. Our community is incredibly diverse. Of our 1,200 members on this site, we hail from over 75 different countries. If you scroll through the member profiles, you'll see our backgrounds run the gamut from students to professional ocean engineers, fisherman to scientists.

Here's a map I put together of our locations around the globe:

(You can view the map dynamically here.)

At the heart of it, we all share at least one underlying belief: underwater exploration should be more accessible. We also share the hope that low-cost, open-source tools are the way to achieve that goal.

As excited as I am about the technology, I'm far more excited about the potential of this network of incredible people.

(Thanks to Simone for the inspiration to make this map!)


Awesome! The cool part is that now it's even affordable where I'm creating my own version for a vacation :) We are going to hawaii and plan on exploring and capturing our water fun on video. Can wait!


Awesome Jorge! I looked at the Dynamic map and said "hey, I'm not on there. I don't see Charleston, SC." Then I figured it must be coming from our profiles. I updated mine and I should be getting a little red pushpin anytime now. :)