Which programmer skill needed?


I am very interested on this project, as i always wanted to build my own ROV. But due to lack of time, programming skills, i always procrastinated.
My question here regarding this Kit,is if any programming skills is required to have the ROV functional ? If any, which program language should be learnt in order to take the full benefit of this ROV ?
Is it ready to go once assemble ?
I have some basic programming knowledge on Arduino programming but not much.
Thanks all for your feedback !
Fred, France


Welcome Fred!

The languages used as of version 2.5.1 of the software are:

  • Arduino C/C++ - for low level control of the servos, motors, sensors, etc.
  • Node.JS Javascript - for interfacing the front end API to the low level API used by the Arduino code
  • Javascript/HTML5 - For all of the front end UI and interactivity.

Yes it is! The ROV ships with recent versions of our software pre-installed. Once the kit is assembled you will be prompted to update to the most recent version of the software, but no programming is required.

I suspect most people will find hacking on the Arduino firmware as a fun way to learn the ROV. You can see the firmware at