Which part to cut from which material


hi i have a doubt by seeing the pdf file which i have have downloaded i could not understood which material to choose as in there is blue acrylic sheet and then there is white one ....hope to receive an reply as i think i only faced that problem.


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There are 3 pdf, one for the blue, one for the white and one for the clear parts.

The name of the file states which color it needs :)

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thanks a ton ..... sorry i thought that the discussion was not posted . i am really sorry for the trouble.please extra can be deleted.....


can you please put the link as i cannot find it . i am getting a single page of pdf when clicking this link OpenROV 2.3 Laser Cut File (PDF)


.The easiest way is to use the git repository:


Click ‘development’ in place of master.



dear christoper

thanks for the help and this community is awesome for helping evreyone learn something new................regards


i cant seem to open the cdr or dxf file, i just get a read error

are the files ok



See above. You need to click the developmental branch.