Where to connect the 5v from the power circuit


Hey fellow builders,

I just today received my missing parts for the OpenROV power circuits.

But what I'm not quite clear from the schematics is, where to connect the 5v output from the the power circuit. Do I need a plug that matches the one of the wall outlet? Or can I just feed it on the 5V line of the BB proto cape?




You can do either. I used the barrel plug next to the Ethernet jack because I built the power circuit on a separate board, but I think you should be able to power 5v in as well- just be careful. If you put 5v into the wrong pins, you can fry your BeagleBone!

Also, if you're successful with the simpler circuit, perhaps you could post images and a description of the process. That might be nice for other people who want to build their own circuitry from scratch.

Good luck!