Where to connect a water ingress alarm?


Hi All.
I’m thinking of making a water ingress alarm, to lay in the bottom of the cylinder (and maybe the battery tubes). Any ideas on how to connect into the system, to give a notification in the cockpit that there is water coming in?


What kind of communication interface were you thinking about using for the sensor? There are a bunch of GPIO pins available on the Beaglebone on the header that isn’t attached to the controller board. You could use those as either digital inputs or some kind of comm interface (UART or I2C).


There is also a place on the controller board for a humidity sensor. By default it is not populated, but it can be added. See the schematics for more detail.

The code for this sensor is not loaded in the software.


Charles, I’m afraid I’m a high level language guy and I haven’t the first idea about programming it. Is there anything that already comes up in the cockpit that I could populate with an on/off sensor? I’m OK with the hardware.


Thanks Brian. It sounds a bit daunting, getting it back up the cable in amongst all the other stuff.


At one point there was an issue open for this in Github (#202), but it was closed a year ago based upon some work to provide a structure for alerts to the operator. I don’t really know what the status of all this is in the current (30.0.3) software. Perhaps Brian can comment.