Where to Buy Tether


I'm building an OpenROV-Pi from scratch and am having trouble finding a retailer for just a single twisted pair wire. What are other builders using? If anyone bought online, I'd greatly appreciate a link.


I just used CAT 5 cable which has 4 pair and easy to find (cheap). You never know maybe we will want to use another pair of wires for something like a network cable.


Or PoE


This is the one supplied in the kits. http://ca.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Belden-Wire-Cable/1353A-0101000/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsrdGQtIVc3gge8zuHGQV5M


This tether from mouser is what I have. I measure its diameter as roughly half that of an ethernet cable (3mm vs ~6mm). However that is with this insulation sheath. I think I have seen videos where early users may have removed it from its sheath to slim things up even more. (each of the smaller wires is about 1mm diameter). I wont rush into any decisions on this - if the rov had to be recovered by pulling on the tether or encountered some other stress then it would be good to have the sheath? But it most deployments the twisted pair could be just fine and have some performance benefits? I think I have seen a thread on here about that, if anyone has thoughts let me know.