Where to buy LiFePO4 26650 batteries


I need to source some LiFePO4 26650 batteries for my OpenROV preferably within the UK, due to budget and HR customs issues. Does anyone know of anyone or any company which supply these batteries? I am looking for as high mAh as possible with a 3300mAh as the very minimum.

Thank You!!



After a long consultation with a professional of the company LiNANO me, however, cells were recommended with slightly different values for the OpenROV.

Typ : SL-FHE-3.2F26650-3200

The following values are manufacturer information:

• Nominal capacity: 3200 mAh

• Nominal Voltage: 3.2V

• Dauerentladerate: 2C

• discharge rate (max.): 5C

• discharge voltage:> 2.5V

• Charging current (max.): 3.2A (<1C)

• charging voltage (max.): 3,65V

• Weight: 85.5 gr.

• Dimensions (LB): 65 x 26 mm (round)


I hope I could help.