Where the log file stored?


i just read the cockpit code ,in the file src/lib/OpenRovController.js
var setup_serial = function () {
var location = path.join(__dirname, ‘…’, ‘./linux’);
logger.log(‘Starting the script from ’ + location + ’ to setup UART1…’);
var setuart_process = spawn(‘sudo’, [path.join(location, ‘setuart.sh’)]);
setuart_process.on(‘error’, function (err) {
logger.log('Error while starting the UART1 setup scipt!\nThe error was: ’ + err);

but i can not find the file setuart.sh under the path location .so i want to see the log file,when i enter the path /dev/log, but i can see nothing,permission denied,then i go the path /run/systemd/journal/dev-log,it is also permission denied!
so where can i find the logfile?


Look in /var/log/ (this is standard log directory on linux). /var/log/openrov.log is likely your ticket, as what you’ve posted is a write to an OpenROV log, compared to a system log.