Where is node listening to ports?


What file(s) have to due with node listening to ports?


The only post node is listening to is on the app.js where it starts listening on port 8080. Any particular feature you are trying to plug in to?


I'm trying to enable another port for a 2nd cam. The default cam is on port 8090.


I listed port 8091 in config.js but when I try to navigate to :8091/?action=stream Chrome says the call was rejected, but when I go to :8090/?action=stream Chrome displays the video from the default cam.


Dude, just wait one week. :)

I've re-architected how the node server communicates with the camera process using Unix domain sockets - which should allow you to implement multiple named sockets (to multiple cameras). There's just one last bug to fix and it should work. Then, all of the work is done for you on the server side.


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