When I power up, the camera just stutters.Why is this happening?

Can anyone help me with this? I dont know what to do. https://forum.openrov.com/uploads/short-url/rnjDVvrvj4jv82nSvFVzvNURdu7.mp4

Looks like you might have stripped a gear in your servo. First check that the camera assembly can move freely without the servo arm installed - it may just be friction stopping it moving. I had the same problem and ended up replacing the servo.

Brendan, thank you for replying. I don’t know how I would have stripped it, everything was brand new. Everything seemed to be moving fine. I will try replacing the servo as you did. How did you remove it once the assembly was glued together without breaking the acrylic?
Thanks again!

I have a 2.7 so I think the assembly is a bit different. Can you remove the servo arm first and see if anything is out of alignment? I guess if you can’t remove it you might have to break the acrylic and weld it back together. Does @Support have a procedure for replacing a camera servo on a 2.8?

Yeah, in order for me to get the servo out I have to take apart the end of it. I may just have to break it…ugh… Thanks again!