What's the difference between Trident and 2.8


I want buy a ROV, but don’t know which one i should select. who can tell me the difference between Trident and 2.8, which one is more easy to control?


Check out this other forum post that lays out many of the differences between the v2.8 and Trident.


Thx for your reply. one more question, 2.8 kit not include battery, charger and IMU compared to 2.8 adventure? so i need buy these extra? you know no battery we can’t run it.


You are correct, the 2.8 kit does not include batteries, chargers, or the IMU. These are all included in the adventure set.

We do not include batteries with the kit because many people prefer to source their own batteries that meet the requirements to power the ROV. This can be for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest ones is due to import restrictions in some countries.