What's better than one OpenROV? TWO OpenROVs!


Something we've been doing in the lab a lot more often is flying two OpenROVs at once. It's really cool to have that extra set of eyes and it doesn't take long for your imagination to start running wild about what those kind of swarming or cluster formations could do for exploration. Eric often talks about a lander that gets to the bottom and releases a dozen OpenROVs (maybe each controlled by classrooms around the country). Who knows!

The cool thing is that now we finally have ROVs that are cheap and capable enough to start experimenting with these types of algorithms and configurations.

What do you think? What would you do with a dozen OpenROVs?


Awesome! Can’t imagine how cool ten ROV’s would be.


Telemetry comes first to mind for me David. A dozen ROVs who knew exactly where each other were - huge possibilities! Sonar? Something akin to boaters' MMSI numbers or AIS? If the machines can keep in touch with each other and make a single observation from different perspectives - think OpenROV 3D perhaps. Can't wait for the arrival of my V2.5!