What would you like to see guides for on Dozuki?



I have been going through the dozuki doing a bit of maintenance and wanted to put out a general request. What would you like to see added to the dozuki? Is there some forum thread that you really think should be refactored in to a dozuki guide that everybody can use? Or maybe there is something that hasn't been discussed but you think should really be up there? Maybe you had a problem that you passed and you'd like to help save other people time? Is there a change request that you've been asking for that hasn't gotten noticed? Your comments are welcome so we can make life easier for everybody!

Thanks for the help.



Could we add a section on modifications and or payloads?


Software troubleshooting!


Hi Matt:

Thanks for posting this. Here are some ideas:

1.) Put a link on the OROV Documentation tab to the top-level Dozuki Guidebook for OROV. Right now there are just links for the 2.5 and 2.6 instructions, and people can miss the rest of the stuff on Dozuki.

2.) We need to put together a guide for how to ballast and balance the ROV during the initial test dives.

3.) We need a guide for how to handle the tether buoyancy (via floats and/or clump weights) depending upon what you're doing with the ROV.

4.) In the Technique category, there could be guides for using Acrylic Cement, as well as maybe one for soldering as well.

5.) On the IMU/depth sensor guide, the software instructions could still use a bit of work to clarify things. Hmmm, thinking of that, and given Leslie's comment below, perhaps a software section is needed, showing how to log into the ROV, how to use a basic text editor, where the configuration files for the Arduino are, etc.

6.) In the 2.6 instructions, step 86 (ESC programming) seems to take the place of the first part of step 85, but there's no detailed explanation for ESC calibrating yet.



I have been having a hard time sourcing some of the glues in Canada (epoxy and silicone spray). A description of the desired properties of these would be great as then anyone could source a local brand that fits those.


Thanks for this beginning feedback (I am sure more will come). Some guides will take longer than others but we can keep this thread open and check stuff off. I can see the modifications section being cool for adding things like potting motors, building a sampling device and attaching it to your ROV, etc so that's a really good one.

As far as modifying the Dozuki goes if for example I make a section on modifications and you have an idea for a cool guide anyone can actually create that. I don't think it will be public until it gets integrated into the main dozuki by an admin account (which I have access to). We will see how it goes though and I can help organize and create new guides!

I think from building these for a bit I might be able to make a software decent trouble shooting guide. I've done just about everything that can be done wrong! Having Eric look over my shoulder and let me know that a light isn't blinking etc sure helps.

For epoxies etc I am not sure how to go about it but thanks for the input. This page should be really useful for us so thanks again for all the help and I will work to integrate these ideas in-between building rovs.


I'd like to see the following:

1) a cockpit interface guide and diagnostics parameters guide..

2) Video camera setup and adjustment, including capture.

3) What to do if the Electronics tube floods. I know Eric wrote a nice post on this and I tried to add it as a guide and also as a question/answer...but messed both up. Hope Admin can delete it.

4) Sea water operation guide. E.g. ROV preparation and post cleaning procedures to extend the life of the components affected by corrosion etc.