What tools do you use to program the ROV?


Intent is to pull together the tools and techniques folks use when programming the ROV software so that everyone can benefit.

  • OS : OSX
  • Editor: Komodo Edit 8 (Free), files remotely mounted using SSHFS though there is also a windows version. Used for both Node.js and Arduino file edits


  • I open a terminal window, create a mount point 'mkdir /Volumes/rov' and then start up sshfs 'sshfs rov@ /Volumes/rov'. I now have a folder on the mac that allows direct access to files on the ROV so that I can use a more powerful editor as if all of the files are local.

  • OS: Windows 8
  • Editor: Notepad++ (I have no need for anything more sophisticated at this point)
  • PuTTY for SSH access
  • GitHub Fork for my own customization (as of yet none)