What to request with additional funds from DonorsChoose/Paul Allen Family Foundation?


Hello, everyone,

I am putting together my request for DonorsChoose additional funds. Do other teachers have suggestions? David and Eric?

Here are the items that I think might be most immediately helpful to us:

A Pelican case for the ROV and a smaller one for the Topside box

Pelican case

1450 $89.95

1050 for topside box.. $26.50

OpenROV IMU depth module $80

A GoPro camera (smallest one - or should we spend more?)

GoPro Hero3: White Edition (New Housing) $199.99

Chrome book, ethernet connector, hard case

HP Chromebook 14" with Intel Processor, 4GB Memory, 16GB SSD an…$349.00 (Walmart 4GB)

other stuff about $40

This adds up to $885.44.

I wonder if a chrome book is the right choice for a laptop because it depends on WI-FI, right? This would not always be available in the field, but one could still use the chrome book to view the cockpit locally during a dive, correct? The GoPro video would be stored on the scandisk, right, for retrieval after the dive?

I have an ancient Aspire One with an ethernet port that could be used. It has an 8.9" screen.

If the chrome book is not a good choice, and the Acer would work, I could request funds for the 4 or so awesome 9th grade builders to come with us to the Catalina Marine Institute in early April.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Many many thanks to David and Eric who have spent their afternoons with me and my students working on our ROV.

Katie Noonan

Oakland High


Hi Katie! I have heard from several other participants that they are opting for the same GoPro Hero 3. David and Eric can chime in about the computer - but most definitely if you can use funds for allowing students to attend a field expedition this is a great opportunity to do so!



HI Katie - This is down a bit in another thread (Supplemental Resources) - but just in case this helps -

Science must be based on experiments, only in this way will our knowledge increase.

We have two over-arching goals. One: to inspire new explorers and experiments and Two: to tell your individual stories. How will you participate? The second wave of “Almost Home” funding is a way to get there!

Supplemental Resources can help. Here are some categories and ideas, but feel free to create and make your own idea come to life!

OpenROV Spare Parts, Modifications and Additions:

Sensors- think depth sensors and geiger counter, not your style? Want to create your own sensor(s)? Do you need epoxy, wire, LEDs?

Got everything but need a few spares? What about carrying cases or just extra power supplies and storage case?


Sharing your knowledge and experience may be as simple as renting a space to show off your stuff. Maybe you have space, but find it hard to show off your work without access to water- need to buy a pool? pay for water?

Want to share with others- how about starting a spring or summer camp session?

Conferences and events may have registration fees or booth rental costs- think USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC, OCEANS, Ocean Sciences, regional or World Maker Faire.

Want to contribute data to Global Ocean Sampling Day, but need support to get your ROV to a site?


Even a school bus has a fee- do you need funds to travel to your research site? Does your waterfront park require a permit? Need to provide food and/or water for a day in the field?

Need to fuel a vessel or rent a boat to reach a sampling site?

Communication & Audio Visual:

Who doesn’t want to share what they are discovering with the world! Attach a GoPro camera to your OpenROV.

Need video editing software? Perhaps someone to create press releases or generate media information?

How about setting your video to music or arranging it to create a message ~ one that you can share at the Blue Ocean Film Festival