What tablet/controller options do I have besides a laptop?



I have an Openrov 2.8. I am wondering what options are there for piloting the rov?
I have a laptop, but am interested in using a tablet instead. I wanted to get ideas on which kind of tablet to use. I have a mini Ipad.
I have put together a tether reel, and a wireless access point for the tether reel using a guide from openrov.
It is functioning well. I can connect with the laptop with no problems. I am able to make a connection using the mini Ipad, however the cockpit does not fully display. it seems like it wants to, I get a white screen and a few of the cockpit items such as the “Pilot” and the “widget” tab. Nothing else comes up.

I have also attempted with my cell phone, and with similar results as the Ipad.

Also, would I need an additional controller? Which one?

I have seen the tablet controller for the Trident, would that work in this case?

Thanks for any help



I don’t have any experience with the OpenROV, Trident should be here tomorrow! From what I have read though, I believe it requires a computer to run, even the Trident does not have an iOS app, just for Android tabs.

Minimum system requirements

  • OS/X/Windows/Linux
  • Latest Chrome browser
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port (a USB to RJ-45 adapter can be used for devices that don’t have a physical ethernet port.)

That being said, it might be able to be done. I would think you might be able to get a wifi game controller for your laptop, then mirror your laptop screen to a tablet you could walk around with. I don’t think there is a way to get completely away from the laptop though. Someone said a Stratus XL Steel Series controller was working well for them for the Trident.