What 's my first practice step


thank you for this great work and website
i discover this site, i do not know from where begin. My English is not perfect and i realy need start with this project, underwater robot.
my question
What’s my first step? is there a tutorial.
Thank you for your very much.



I guess the first thing to do is to decide if you want to build an OpenROV kit or if you want to build an ROV of your own design. If you have no training or experience at building underwater robots, then I recommend acquiring an OpenROV kit and starting by building it. These kits can be purchased on the “Store” page of this website http://store.openrov.com/

If you already have a kit, then you can reference the step by step build instructions for the kit as published on the “Kit Assembly Instructions” page of this website http://openrov.dozuki.com/c/Building_from_a_kit

There are many videos about the OpenROV projects that are currently underway which can be found under the “Media” tab on the home page of the OpenROV website. You can also follow along or even get involved with ongoing OpenROV expeditions by visiting and exploring the Open Explorer website at www.openexplorer.com.

What is your native language?


Thank you Ronald for your answear and your time
my native language is french and i’m working now in many countries in south mediteranian sea in aquaculture.
i will follow your steps
best regards