What programming language is best learnt for the latest Version of the Trident?


As the latest Version is now going to be a program to install instead of a browser interface (I hope thats correct?) What should I start learning that would benifit me as a new pilot? If I do learn Java Script or C++ how is this going to help me with the Trident? for example, would I program Autonamous flights for lawnmower patterns or is it going to help me program periphial components I add to do things?
I am a Newbie & this is my first ROV so please be gentle lol :slight_smile: I have bought my Son a Mindstorm EV3 Lego robot & we are going to start learning to code this then upgrade Brick to a RPi3, all in the interests of preperation for the Trident.

It might sound like odd questions to a already experienced OpenROV guru but for us newbies, Ide just like to get a head start prior to the release of our Awesome Tridents :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance
Ozy Mark