What kind of adhesive?

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I am a new person on this
forum. I just ordered my open rov 2.8, thanks to your advice, I
already ordered also batteries and charger. We keep on searching for
adhesives. At the beginning I was looking for acrylic.

It turned out that in Poland
you can get:

Acrifix® 1S 0117
(http://ekleje.pl/produkty/dane/acrifix-117). But just like it was
written on the forum, only in 1 kg packs.

In the same store they have a
different adhesive:
Scigrip 4-SC

They sell it in smaller
packages (cheaper). Maybe someone used the glue and has some good or
bad opinion?

The second issue is a
two-component epoxy adhesive. I understand that it is used in open
ROV to connect and filling of larger space. I was wondering if
instead of epoxy glue could be used such a product:

Scigrip 42

I will be grateful for the



There is heaps of info on acrylic cement in this post Finding Acrylic Cement Outside the USA


you for your answer. I saw this post and a few others, and mostly all
are looking for
Acrifix® 1S 0117, so
I wanted to ask if Scigrip 4-SC can be used interchangeably with
Acrifix® 1S 0117.
you have experience with
MMA Methylmethacrylate Adhesives?:

idea is to use it instead of the two-component epoxy adhesive.