What is this mystery capacitor?!



I've not posted on here as I found the online instructions excellent and not ran into any bother. Im building the ROV for use at a College in Newcastle, England.

However.... this morning when fitting the beagle board something dropped on the floor next to my feet, as pictured, and I can't understand where it has come from, or fallen off.

I've checked every photo possible of all the circuit boards and can't see where it on anywhere.... can anyone identify if this and tell me if I need to solder this back on to something...

Many thanks!!!



That’s a filter capacitor from one of your ESCs! You should find two wires (a red one and a black one) coming from the ESC it fell off of. The capacitor should have a line of “-” symbols on one side. Make sure that side is attached to the black wire and the other side attached to the red. Once you do that (and make sure the two wires are insulated from each other) you should be back in business!



Wait.... errr.... I take that back. I just recalled that the ESC we're using for the kit have an aluminium-colored capacitor, so that wouldn't be it. I can only imagine that that cap came from something else not related to OpenROV. The mystery continues....



This could be from the HomePlug Adapter, which is the part that is not used.


Thanks for the support!!!

Quiet right, found it on the home plug adaptor, think it was off hacksawing the pins on the bit that isn't used.




Hacksawing lol whatever works go for it. :)