What is slip ring? What is the function of slip ring?


A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. It is also called rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel or electrical rotary joint.
In the electrical design process, the mechanical part of the 360 degrees unlimited continuous rotation, the wires need to be connected to the rotating parts, Electrical engineers will encounter wire winding problems, when he needs an electric rotating connector, commonly known as a conductive slip ring, to transmit power and signal rotary connections. It can improve the system performance, simplify the system structure, and avoid the wire during the rotation caused by sprain. The conductive slip ring can accurately transmit Ethernet signals such as USB, RS, CANbus, FireWire, servo motor signals, encoder signals, strain gages, signals, thermocouples and so on.
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