What guage of wire is needed for the motors


Hi I’m based in the UK and trying to work out what type of wire and lengths are required for the connections to the motors. What guage is it and is it single or multistrand



Hey Martin,

You could probably get away with 20 or even 22 AWG, but we've been using a thin-walled stranded 18AWG wire. The main reason we use 18AWG is because that way it can be the same wire as what we use coming from the batteries.

I just realized that it doesn't explicitly say how long the leads should be on the wiki- I'll try to measure and put that down later, but something on the order of 1m- perhaps a little more- each should do it. I usually make the leads long and cut them all at the right spot after their mounted and routed to the inside of the electronics tube.

Thanks for the note!



I was planning on using 14 or 16 AWG...is this impossible..or is the only consideration weight? The thicker wire seemed like it would take up too much valuable space inside the tube? Am I thinking right?


Hey Marius,

We now use 20awg for all motor and battery leads. This seems to work fine with the wire lengths and amounts of current that OpenROV consumes.

The problem with thicker (lower gauge) wire is that it will be hard to fit it all through the hole in the endcap. Additionally, it may be a bit tricky to route the wire bundle across the back of the E-Chassis inside the main tube. Finally, anything thicker then 20awg wire will not fit into the solder cups on the DB-25 connector, however you could always remove some of the strands from each wire since at that point you'll have very little distance for that to make a difference in total loop resistance.

If you decide to go with thicker wires and it works out, please send photos!

Good luck!