What brand of brushless motors?


First let me introduce myself.
My name is Ethan, I’m 16 years old and I love building and designing things. I’m currently taking robotics in school and next semester the course will actually be on rovs! After an rov summer camp in 2016 I realized rovs are what I wanna do. I received a Seaperch rov which I have been continually modifying and have taken on a few dives (I’ll tell y’all what I’ve done if you want to know)

I love my Seaperch however it’s limited on a number of levels and I want to build one of my own after next semester’s robotics class so I have more knowledge on the subject.I’ve done hours of research on the topic. However I’m confused on the motors. I know that the out-runner brushless DC motors work the best, but I’m not completely sure of what brand to buy. I’ve heard that motors for drones and RC boats work the best, but what brands are the best and which should I stay away from?


I have three of the OROV brushless motors and according to the box that they came in, they are DST-700 brushless motors.
I feel that you get what you pay for in the way of Thrusters in relation to life expectancy and ease of maintenance. You might want to consider the use of Blue Robotics T100 Thrusters. They are relatively expensive in relation to the OROV brushless motors, but are designed especially for operation over extended periods in salt water without any more maintenance than being flushed with fresh water after the dive is over. I have used the T100 Thrusters in my Hybrid BR/OROV ROV.


Thanks for the advice! I was wondering if I could buy the Open rov thrusters individually but I didn’t know what they were called. And I have looked into the T100 thrusters and they look amazing but they’re just too pricey for my realm ( I don’t have a job yet) Also, how do you know what propeller goes to the motor? Like stall rating for the propeller and the prop shaft.


You can buy the OROV brushless motors here and propellers here
The OROV 2.8 Assembly Instructions tell you which propeller goes on which brushless motor here.


Thank you for the help. It’ll definitely help me in building my own rov next year! I’m also gonna post my progress on my Seaperch rov. I know its just a kit but its helping me learn about rov construction and design. I have recently been working on two 300 lumen power lights i can turn on/off from the surface. I’ll post all of it when I can.


NP. Glad to have been of help.:slight_smile:
Looking forward to see how your build goes.